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Regal Ground Cayenne Pepper - 5 lb.


Regal ground cayenne pepper adds a healthy heat and color to your signature dishes.


A key ingredient in hot sauces and great for cooking.


Regal ground cayenne pepper will kick up the heat of anything you make. Sometimes labeled as "red pepper," cayenne is ground from a blend of several particularly hot varieties of dried red chili peppers. Its extremely hot and pungent flavor will add plenty of zest to barbeque, meat marinades, and buffalo wings.


Pre-Ground Consistency

In order to save you time during food prep, this cayenne pepper is pre-ground. Ground cayenne also distributes throughout your foods more evenly than whole peppers, ensuring each bite is as good as the last.


Warm, Spicy Flavor

Cayenne pepper has a pungent, biting heat that will warm up any of your signature dishes.


Versatile Ingredient

Cayenne pepper can be found in popular sauces as well as seafood, chili, and egg dishes.


Regal Spice Brand

Regal Herbs and Spices are a smart addition to any kitchen.

This handy 5 lb. container is easily accessible for your cooking and seasoning needs.

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How do these peppers rate on a heat index ?

These peppers are measured using the Scoville scale, the measurement of the pungency of chili peppers found in Scoville heat units (SHU). Capsaicin is the part of the pepper responsible for its spicy heat, and the Scoville scale is dependent on the potency of the pepper’s capsaicin.

Bell peppers have a SHU of 0 since they do not contain capsaicin. Banana peppers rate from around 100-900 SHU and habanero chilis rate 100,000 to 350,000 SHU; whereas some of the world’s hottest peppers like ghost peppers rate as high as 855,000-1,463,700 SHU.


Is this product packaged in a BPA free container ?
Yes, the plastic spice storage container is BPA free.



  • Overall User Rating:

    4.9 stars

  • I love using this ground cayenne pepper! It has the best taste and really gives that little extra kick to certain dishes. Always great to have in the pantry!
    Hope P. on 08/30/2017


  • This is really good Cayenne. It is so red and slightly sweet that it can serve in dishes that call for paprika if you don't mind the kick.

  • Benjamin T. on 12/31/2019
  • This product is extremely well blended and really helped out our business. Also you can not beat the price of this item, it's a
  • win win situation !
    Thomas C. from TWC Enterprises LLC on 11/19/2019


It is actually filled all the way to the top, which is rare for spices.

Some levels are according to Spice Product Weight.


Danae S. from Charmed. Commented on 1/3/2019

The price of this cayenne pepper compare to the other stores I have looked at beat them all and I was really please that they actually filled up the container !


Package Size    5 lb.
Spice Type    Pepper
Style    Ground

Regal Ground Cayenne Pepper - 5 lb.

SKU: 1020707838
$39.99 Regular Price
$34.99Sale Price
    • Perfect for hot sauces, taco seasoning, and more
    • Bright orange red in color
    • Finely ground texture
    • Great value, multi-purpose ingredient